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Dr. Indranill Basu Ray

Cardiologist & Interventional Electrophysiologist: Jack Stephens Heart and Vascular Institute,
CHI St. Vincent Infirmary, Heart Clinic, Arkansas, Two St. Vincent Circle, Little Rock, AR 72205.


Dr. Basu Ray is trained in Medicine and Cardiology from India, Interventional Electrophysiology and Device therapy from the University of Toronto & Electrophysiology research from Massachussets General Hospital, Harvard Medical School. He has been an Incharge of Experimental EP Lab at Beth Israel Deconess Medical Center and a faculty in Medicine (Cardiology)at the Harvard Medical School.

He is also a Prof of Medicine and Cardiology at SVYASA (a deemed University)at Bangalore, India.

Meet Indranill Basu Ray, MD


CHI St. Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas – Little Rock – Kanis


    • Texas Heart Institute, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
      Cardiac Electrophysiology
    • Tulane Heart and Vascular Institute New Orleans, LA
      Cardiovascular Disease
    • Harvard Medical School Boston, MA
      Electrophysiology Research


  • State University of New York at Buffalo Buffalo, NY

CHI St.Vincent Heart Clinic Arkansas
10100 Kanis Rd., Little Rock, AR 72205

P: 501.255.6000 F: 501.255.6400

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