Dr. Indranill Basu Ray, MD | Meditation
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Dr. Basu Ray has been practicing meditation since the age of six years. He has practiced various kinds of meditation including Kriya Yoga, Mantra and Vipassana. He had been teaching meditation and holistic living to his patients since a decade now. Meditation is taught free to all who are interested. Dr. Basu Ray believes meditation and holistic living is everybody’s birthright and no body can be made to pay for it.

Dr. Basu Ray lives in New Orleans and organizes meditation workshop there regularly. He can also be invited to your city to talk and conduct workshop on meditation.

He can be contacted:

What are the medical benefits of Meditation that have been proven by medical research?

Meditation has numerous benefits……

  • Lowers oxygen consumption.
  • Decreases respiratory rate, increases blood flow and reduces heart rate.
  • Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients.
  • Leads to a deeper level of relaxation.
  • Benefits high blood pressure patients – helps to reduce blood pressure to normal values.
  • Reduces anxiety by lowering the blood lactate levels.
  • Decreases muscle tension (any pain due to tension) and headaches.
  • Builds self-confidence and self-control.
  • Increases serotonin production which influences mood and behavior.
  • Low levels of serotonin are associated with depression, obesity, insomnia and headaches.
  • Helps in chronic diseases like allergies, arthritis etc.
  • Reduces Pre -menstrual Syndrome.
  • Enhances the immune system capacity. Research has revealed that meditation increases the activity of ‘natural-killer cells’, which kill bacteria and cancer cells.
  • Reduces activity of viruses and emotional distress.

In addition to the above benefits, meditation

  • Improves concentration, increases ability to focus and work more efficiently.
  • Improves posture and health.
  • Improves personal relationships.